Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Services

Protecting, maintaining and creating value to build a way forward for your business

We offer guidance to businesses to help re-establish financial stability, working with you to identify and implement appropriate solutions.

What we offer

Our corporate restructuring specialists have a practical approach to helping your business and its stakeholders. Our purpose is to provide you with a high-quality service and with options and solutions you may not have considered.

Our team has considerable experience and a reputation for dealing expertly with a wide variety of corporate restructuring issues. Our approach is to help and advise businesses and their stakeholders through restructuring, working with them to identify and implement appropriate solutions calling on Act 13 Advisory corporate finance and tax specialists as required.

Our starting point when advising on restructuring is to understand the organisation, its legal structure, its business and its financial position. What is the restructuring objective?

Using solvent liquidations we often simplify groups or end the existence of companies that have served their purpose.

When refinancing stressed businesses where investment is required and time is short, we may recommend and assist with an accelerated M&A process. This can avoid insolvency and is likely to maximise stakeholder returns.

We protect, maintain and create value, restoring businesses through operational turnaround and financial restructuring and, where necessary, the constructive use of formal insolvency procedures.

Specialist advice is essential if you are faced with cross-border restructuring or insolvency issues. Our knowledge and experience in this area, and our ability to draw on a wide network of foreign professionals, makes us ideally placed to assist you.

Why work with us?

We provide practical, business focused advice to help you achieve your business objectives.

Timely and Efficient

Critical support to restore financial stability

Cross Team Expertise

Joined-up advice across all services, including, Corporate Finance and Corporate and Business Tax

Sector Knowledge

Considerable expertise and insight into a range of different industries

Industry Recognition

Recognized as thought leaders in Restructuring and Insolvency - editorial, speaking, commentating and government advice